Dance 100 Netflix Cast, Wiki, Release Date

Dance 100 Netflix

Dance 100 Netflix Cast, Wiki, Release Date. Dance 100 is a reality dance competition Tv series and it’s scheduled to stream on Netflix on 17 march 2023. Dance 100 reality series produced by Jack Burgess, Saul Fearnley, Tim Harcourt, Stephen Lambert, and Stephen Yemoh. If you are a dance lover then you can watch it on Netflix on the given date 17 march 2023 in English.

Dance 100 Netflix Cast

  • Bruno Duarte as Dancer
  • Samia Selina Hofmann as Dancer
  • Kane Walcott as Dancer
  • Charlotte Hawthorne as Dancer
  • Dru Lewis-Dre as Dancer
  • Jacob Manning as Dancer
  • Ally Love as Host

Dance 100 Netflix Wiki And Crew Members

Dance 100 Netflix
Dance 100 Netflix
TitleDance 100
Dance Competiton
ProducerJack Burgess
Saul Fearnley
Tim Harcourt
Stephen Lambert
Stephen Yemoh
Host Ally Love
Release Date17 March 2023
Release Language English
Release Platform Netflix


In this reality show you will watch the dance com[etion show where will be 100 contestants. All contestants participated from all over the world yes you will watch the best dance competition. All the contestants in the dance 100 are the best dancers and they are from all over the world. Where dance competitions are designed to find the next superstar choreographer. And the winner will have a huge amount of $100k in cash. Yes, it’s really a big amount and where the contestant will try hard to win the competition for a big winning price.

If we talk about it in detail then it’s a game show you will watch the dance competition between the world’s best street dancers. If you are also a lover of dance then this reality series will be the best option for you. You can watch this series on Netflix on 17 March 2023. The dancer will show their performance and one will be the winner of the $100k.

Dance 100 Release Date and Language

17 March 2023, Yes Dance 100 is set to release on Netflix on the worldwide level on 17 March 2023.z Currently this reality show will only release in the English language but the best thing is that it will also release with multi-language subtitles too. So you can also watch with the help of subtitles too. This is a dance competition show the dance only matters to the viewers and lovers of dance. If any other updates will comes out related to this series then we will update it here.


Dance 100 FAQ:

How many contestants will perform in Dance 100?

100 Contestants will perform in Dance 100.

Is Dance 100 a dance competition show

Yes, Dance 100 is a dance competition show.

Who is the host of the Dance 100 Reality show?

Ally Love is the Host of the Dance 100 Reality show.

What is the winning price in the Dance 100 Reality show?

$100K is the winning price in the Dance 100 Reality Show.

Final Words:

Netflix has already released the trailer of Dance 100 for fans of the dance from all over the world. The trailer was liked by many audiences and it crossed over 100k views on youtube.

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