Cast Of Woman of the Dead Wiki

Cast Of Woman of the Dead

Woman of the dead is an Austrian crime mystery series and it’s scheduled to stream on Netflix on 5 January 2023. The woman of the dead series is directed by Nicolai Rohde and the story is written by Mike Majzen and Benito Mueller. Cast Of Woman of the Dead

The cast of the Woman of the Dead Netflix Series

Anna Maria Mühe Brunhilde Blum6 episodes
Yousef ‘Joe’ Sweid Reza Shadid6 Episodes
Luis Vorbach Jakob6 Episodes
Romina Küper Dunja4 episodes
Gregor BloébBertl Puch4 episodes
Robert Palfrader Wilhelm Danzberger 3 episodes
Simon Schwarz Pfarrer Jaunig2 episodes
Stephanie Lexer Elena1 episode
Felix Klare Herr Blum1 episode
Franz Josef Danner Wachmann1 episode

On the above list, we have provided all roles and cast in detail, we have also provided the roles as episodes and how many episodes they played the roles.

Woman of the Dead Netflix Series Wiki, Review, Release Date, And Crew Members

Cast Of Woman of the Dead
Cast Of Woman of the Dead
TitleWoman Of the Dead
GenreCrime thriller
Season 1
DirectorNicolai Rohde
WriterMike Majzen
Benito Mueller
Benito Mueller
Wolfgang Mueller
Wolfgang Mueller
Nicolai Rohde
Barbara Stepansky
Barbara Stepansky
ProducerThomas Hroch
Benito Mueller
Wolfgang Mueller
Gerald Podgornig
Production Company/DistributorNetflix
Release Date 5 January 2023
Release Language English, Hindi, German
Release Platform Netflix

More Updates About Woman Of The Dead

In this series, you will get to watch the story of a married woman who has 2 children, and one day someone killed her husband. After that, her life changed and she want to take vengeance for her husband’s murder. When she found the real evidence about her husband’s murder. She founds that her husband was working on a secret file he wants to reveal the evil people in front of the public. But evil people want to stop him, but he did not listen to them and at last, they murdered him which shows suicide.

After that, the woman started to find the evidence and she wanted to take revenge for her husband’s murder. At last, she found the real culprit in her husband’s phone. And the whole story of this series is full of crime and murder scenes. This will release in English, German and Hindi language too, and also its will stream with multi-language subtitles too. The trailer of this series has been already released in 2 languages Hindi and English on youtube.

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