The Cast Of Netflix Series Eva Lasting Wiki, Review, Release Date

The Cast Of Netflix Series Eva Lasting

The Cast Of Netflix Series Eva Lasting Wiki, Review, Release Date. Eva Lasting is an upcoming Netflix Teen drama series and it’s set to stream on Netflix on 15 February 2023 in Spanish and English language. Yes, you can watch Eva Lasting on Netflix on 15 February 2023. Eva Lasting is directed by Maria Gamboa and Mateo Stivelberg and the story is written by Dago García.

The Cast Of Netflix Series Eva Lasting

  • Isa Garcia Isa Garcia as Eva Samper
  • Francisca Estevez
  • Cecilia Navia
  • Julián Cerati
  • Verónica Orozco
  • Santiago Alarcón
  • Brandon Figueredo
  • Emmanuel Restrepo
  • Adriana Arango
  • Mateo Garcia
  • Sergio Palau

Isa Garcia is playing the main lead role as Eva Samper and single girl in the boys’ school.


The story of the Eva Lasting television series is very interesting Eva is a girl and she got admission to a boy’s school. She is a mysterious, rebellious, and open-minded girl who is enrolled as the only woman in a school of 600 men. You will watch how Eva survives in 600 boys.

Eva Lasting Netflix Series Wiki all Cast And Crew Members

The Cast Of Netflix Series Eva Lasting
The Cast Of Netflix Series Eva Lasting
TitleEva lasting
GenreTeen Romantic Comedy
Episodes TBA
CastIsa Garcia
Francisca Estevez
Cecilia Navia
DirectorMaria Gamboa
Mateo Stivelberg
Writer Dago García
Producer Dago García as executive producer
Amparo Gutiérrez as executive producer
María Isabel Páramo as producer
Ángela Vergara as executive producer
Production Company/DistributorNetflix
Release Date 15 February 2023
Release Language Spanish and Multi-language subtitles too
Release Platform Netflix

More Updates About this series

After watching the trailer of the series we can say that this is a good watchable series. The trailer of the series Eva Lasting has been already released on the youtube channel and it’s liked by many audiences. If you like to watch teen romantic comedies and love story movies then it will be the best option for you. You can watch this television series on Netflix on the given date. But Eva lasting will only stream in Spanish and English language but the best thing is that it will also stream with multi-language subtitles too. So you can also watch with the help of subtitles too.

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