Love To Hate You Hindi Dubbed Release Date Updates

Love To Hate You Hindi Dubbed

Love To Hate You Hindi Dubbed Release Date, Today I am going to tell you when the Korean Drama Love To Hate You will stream in Hindi Dubbed hindi language. Love to hate you is an upcoming love story Korean drama and it’s scheduled to stream on Netflix on 10 February 2023. Love to hate you directed by Kim Jung-kwon and the story is written by Choi Soo-young. Kim Ok-vin, Teo Yoo, Kim Ji-hoon and Go Won-hee are playing the main lead role in this drama.

Love To Hate You Korean Drama Hindi, English Dubbed Release Date

10 February 2023, Yes love to hate you is set to release in hindi dubbed on 10 February 2023. The drama is distributed by Netflix and that’s the reason this drama is released in hindi dubbed too. Most Korean dramas and web series are always dubbed by Netflix if it’s distributed by Netflix. Because the number of Netflix users in India are High so the creators and makers decide to release it in hindi dubbed too.

If we talk about releasing language then this drama will release in 3 languages Hindi, English, and Korean language. Yes where Korean is an official language and Hindi, English is dubbed by the Netflix makers. But the best thing is that it will also release with multi-language subtitles too so you can also watch with the help of subtitles too.

More Updates About Love To Hate You

Love To Hate You Hindi Dubbed
Love To Hate You Hindi Dubbed
TitleLove to hate you
GenreRomantic Comedy
CountrySouth Korean
Cast Kim Ok-vin
Teo Yoo
Kim Ji-hoon
Go Won-hee
DirectorKim Jung-kwon
Writer Choi Soo-young
Producer TBA
Production CompanyBinge Works
Release date 10 February 2023
Release Language English, Hindi, and Korean with multi-language subtitles
Release Platform Netflix

Cast and their roles

  • Kim Ok-vin as Yeo Mi-ran is playing the role as a lawyer and also playing the role as girlfriend of Kore top actor.
  • Teo Yoo is playing the role as Nam Kang-ho and he is the Korea top actor and lover of Lawyer.
  • Kim Ji-hoon is playing the role as Do Won-jun
  • Go Won-hee is playing the role as Shin
  • Lee Joo-bin is playing the role as Oh Se-na
  • Song Ji-woo is playing the role as Hwang Ji-ye


The drama contains 10 episodes and each episode’s length/running time will be 50 to 60 minutes. Yes because the episodes are only 10.

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