What is the main reason of growing beard fast

What is the main reason of growing beard fast

In normal times, we often say that it is the nature of women to love beauty. In fact, in modern society, everyone attaches great importance to their external image, and men are no exception. What is the main reason of growing beard fast

For the vast majority of men, wash their hair and shave every morning after getting up, spending no less time on it than women.

What is the main reason of growing beard fast
What is the main reason of growing beard fast

In order to enhance their personal temperament and show their masculine charm, some men will deliberately trim their beards when they shave, but most men still trim their beards completely.

Some men are very puzzled at ordinary times. They have just shaved after getting up in the morning, how can they have stubble in the afternoon? What does the beard growth rate mean? Let’s hear what the doctor has to say.

Why do men grow beards?

Beard is a secondary sexual characteristic of men and is caused by the gonadal testicles in men, which have two rather important roles:

  1. To produce sperm, which is used to produce offspring.
  2. The production of testosterone, a male hormone, can promote hair growth.
Why do men grow beards?
Why do men grow beards?

Beard growth is regulated by androgen levels in men. After entering puberty, the testis has the function of producing sperm and secreting androgens under the action of gonadotropins secreted by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. Androgens can selectively act on certain parts of the body to promote hair growth.

Modern medicine believes that the hair follicles on the upper lip and cheeks of men contain an androgen receptor, which is quite sensitive to the effect of androgens, which is the main reason for the growth of beards. But in women, this androgen is very little and the dominant estrogen is estrogen, which does not promote hair growth.

I just shave my beard in the morning, but it grows back in the afternoon. What does the beard growth mean?

1. Excessive secretion of male hormones

Excessive secretion of male hormones
Excessive secretion of male hormones

The growth of beard is mainly regulated by the level of sex hormones in men. After entering puberty, male hormones are secreted in large quantities. The hair follicles in the beard and the hair follicles from the nose have more vigorous metabolism and are more sensitive to androgens, so the growth rate of the beard is faster.

2. Stay up late for a long time

Stay up late for a long time
Stay up late for a long time

Now more and more people have gradually developed the bad habit of staying up late to sleep. Staying up late for a long time will not only affect the quality of sleep, but also lead to endocrine disorders and excessive secretion of androgens in the body, which makes the beard grow too fast. We often see For those who stay up late, they usually wake up in the morning looking unshaven.

3. Shave frequently

In daily life, the vast majority of men pay great attention to their own image and shave almost every day, even several times a day. If the frequency of shaving is relatively fast in normal times, the frequency of stimulating the root of the beard increases, which will stimulate the beard. growing faster.

Shave frequently
Shave frequently

4. Genetic factors

Beards, as a type of human hair, are also affected by genetic factors. If the parents in the family have thick hair growth, the next generation is very likely to have a beard. Human beards may also grow more slowly.

5. Nutritional status

Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people’s diet structure has also been greatly improved. In daily life, the nutrition intake is relatively sufficient, the nutritional status of the body is good, the blood transport of hair follicles is rich, and the beard has been supplied with sufficient blood oxygen to grow. It will also be faster.

6. The cause of the disease

Some diseases can also cause the beard to grow too fast. Common pathological factors include adrenomas, hyperthyroidism, etc., due to the need to take androgen drugs or the diet containing more androgens, the beard grows faster.

My beard grows too fast, what should I do?, What is the main reason of growing beard fast

1. Shave half an hour after getting up

After a night of rest in the human body, a large part of the beard will emerge, but you should not shave as soon as you get up, because the secretion of male hormones in the human body is relatively strong at this time. After half an hour, shave again, and the level of male hormones will return to a stable level. , the growth rate of beard will also be slower.

My beard grows too fast, what should I do?
My beard grows too fast, what should I do?

2. Shave in order

The normal shaving sequence is: from the left to the right of the face, from the top to the bottom, shave first along the pores and then against the pores. After shaving, wipe off the foam with a hot towel or rinse with warm water, and then shave. Check for stubble.

3. Tighten the skin to reduce stress

It is best to tighten the skin when shaving, to ensure that the razor does not have any resistance, this can prevent the skin from scratching, and can also remove the beard that remains in the skin folds, especially for those who are elderly or thin. Shave after tightening the skin to keep it elastic and supportive.

4. Avoid shaving before and after exercise

Because after exercising, the body will sweat a lot, the hair follicles will increase, and the sweat will easily stimulate the skin that has just been shaved, causing it to produce a burning sensation. Be careful when shaving. The order of shaving should be carried out so as not to hurt your body.

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